Benefits of meditation



Meditation as defined in the Collins dictionary is the act of staying in a calm state for a time period enabling you to cope or deal with the everyday affair. The Merriam Webster definition of meditation is also not too far from this, it describes meditation as the art, act and process of engaging oneself in a reflection. The stress, anxiety and worry of our everyday lives, relationships and jobs cannot be avoided. It is as a result of these stress, troubles and unwanted feeling of depression that a lot of people have turned to meditation not just for them to get some relieve but also for the hope of making their lives better and a lot more meaningful.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation in itself has proven to have lots of benefits; it involves connecting with one’s spiritual self and providing an avenue to effectively counteract all the negative influences, and positively influence the mind. Here are the important benefits of meditation

For relieving stress

Meditation has proven to be a very influential in reducing or relieving stress. For most people that practices meditation or know a thing or two about mediation, this is regarded as one of the most important benefit of mediation. The lists of diseases caused by stress is without an end, they include stroke, heart diseases, depression and so on, switching your mind off completely from all form of mental stress that you are subjected to is impossible, and the question of what can be done is asked. A solution to this is meditation, it provides the optimum way of keeping the body and the mind in the state where they get the much required rest and relaxation it needs.

For reducing fatigue

Another way where meditation have proven to be effective and highly beneficial to the body is in treating or reducing fatigue. A good friend of mine have a common saying that if you find yourself having troubles trying to get through the day, then all you need to do is to spend some time meditating.
To determine the truth in his claim, I studied the some of the researches conducted on meditation and discovered that there is a justification to it. The studies shows that meditating can be very helpful in increasing alertness and reduces fatigue.


For exploring your mind’s potential

This is another very important benefit of meditating, it makes it possible for you to access all the experiences and potential in the mind that most people never knew about. Meditators will tell you that the mind is a lot more powerful than it is given credit for, and the only way to tap into this power or to experience and develop these powers, mediation has to be employed this is made possible because the process of mediating gives you a control over the state of the brain and you are given the access to this level of consciousness.

For increasing the energy level of the body

Apart from all the benefits listed above, meditation has also proven to be highly effective in increasing the energy level of the body and providing it with the boost it requires. This sounds untrue and some may find it a little controversial because meditation is known for slowing down the body and mind down. But in the real sense, after a spending some time meditating, you feel pumped up and revitalized both physically and mentally to continue with your day with a fresh enthusiasm.

Types of meditation

There are various types of meditation that you can involve yourself in, you can try some of them to see the one that works best for you. Some of them are given below

• Zen meditation
• Mindfulness meditation
• Breadth awareness meditation
• Forest bathing and nature meditation. Just to mention a few of them.

Nature and meditation

A meditation conducted in a natural environment outside the house is not just very easy but it is also very therapeutic; making it possible to easily activate and revitalize the body and mind and at the same time connect with nature taking you to the state where you get healed of all your anxiety and stress troubles and keeping you refreshed while doing it. Meditating has proven to be highly beneficial in keeping the mind and keeping the body healthy but meditating in a nature surrounding has shown that it is even much more effective leaving a deeper experience and the sound of fresh water, birds and vegetation can be hard to miss. You will also agree with me that the ever busy schedule we have may not permit you to go to a nature environment and have the quite time for meditation you require and should desire. The good news is that is no longer a problem.


Zen and meditation

Zen is an ancient meditation that originated from Japan. This ancient but well know method of meditation known for its efficiency and proficiency was founded by Dogen and have stood through the test of time for the past one thousand years (and still counting). Not only has it established itself as an alternative way of curing and/or relieving depression, enhancing creativity, managing anger, improving concentration and so on.

The benefits of meditation are numerous.
Ranging from Stress management, anger management, enhancing concentration, relieving depression, enhancing creativity, etc.
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