Solfeggio Harmonics:Healing for Spirit

Do you know a Solfeggio frequency?
Frequency is a wave of sound.
Do you know the meaning of all the sounds ringing in this world?
And,do you know that the tone of some special frequencies heals a body and spirit?

From ancient times, a special frequency to heal the mind and body was secretly passed down.
Gregorian chant was sung by a Solfeggio frequency.
This applicationeven is simple and elegant Solfeggio frequency sound generator.
The respective sound has the distinctive effect.

The operation is EASY. You choose and just push a button.
It's possible to generate more than one frequency at the same time by high quality sound equal to a CD (16bit/44.1kHz).
So you can make a recipe of the tone only for you according to your condition.

And also, this app is FREE. ( only to click an ad banner!)

purring sound

Still, can not you believe the healing power of the sound?
It's proven scientifically that cat's purr sounds cures a human bone fracture.
Sound has the miraculous power.

For 30 days first, before sleeping every night, please try keeping hearing 5-10 minutes some sounds.
So that your spirit and body may change more better!

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When using this app,please tap the ad banner every day.
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You can nurture this application.

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How to use this application.

When a button is pressed, the tone of the designated frequency occurs.
Please keep hearing its tone for a while.
It's possible to hear more than one sound at the same time.
Please keep choose a frequency and hear every day according to your state.
In the evening, before you go to sleep, you can feel the effect of this application more when listening in the bed.


Touch a button and generate sound.
The file size of this application is small.


It's possible to make more than one sound occur at the same time.


For a while, please hear sound.

Clear sound

This is a CD and the same high quality sound (16bit/44.1kHz).


Whomever a screen of your smart phone can be seen, it's OK. That's very elegant.

Off timer function . While you listen to the sound, even if you fall asleep, the application will stop if the set time comes.

You can make a recipe only for yourself.

Information of the sound


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